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ON SITE WORK: We will work with the owner to determine the layout area and make sure our contractors and subcontractors stay within the boundaries. We maintain an accurate schedule so that the job is finished as scheduled. We schedule deliveries of materials as needed so materials are not delivered late or too early. Working areas will be protected from the public. Stored materials will be protected from damage due to weather.

COORDINATION: We schedule site meetings to with all subcontractors before they start work and periodically as their work progresses. These are conducted for basic and specific coordination issues.  They are also held to confirm and/or update the progress schedule between other subcontractors, suppliers, general contractor, and owner.

PHASING & SEQUENCING: If the project requires phasing or different types of construction, then sequencing is dictated by the type of and simplicity of each construction type. The phasing will be worked out in a manner to make the entire project flow without any major delays.

QUALITY CONTROL: The Project Manager reviews all submittals of shop drawings and submittals with assistance from the estimator. We request this from the Estimator/Buyer at the time contracts or purchase orders are issued. An ample number of copies are requested for proper distribution. As submittals are received by the Project Manager, they are logged in and reviewed. Any omissions, corrections, or discrepancies found will be noted. The submittal is then passed on to the Architect for review and approval. If the submittal is acceptable, it is immediately distributed to the Subcontractor or Supplier and to the Field Superintendent. If it is not approved, corrections are made prior to distribution.

: Depending on the complexity of the project, it may be necessary to work off hours whenever the weather or schedule warrants it. Normal working hours are 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Rogers Construction home office is accessible by phone, fax, cellular phones, and e-mail. Office computers are set up to use Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office. All computers can read .pdf documents, and some have and can read Auto-Cad documents. Estimating and bookkeeping is done via computer programs and bookkeeping has access to online AIA forms and documents. Scheduling is done in the home office using Microsoft Project.